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Rockler's Guide to Choosing a Concealed Hinge

Note: If you are constructing new cabinets, Rockler strongly recommends that you choose your door hardware for your cabinet and door design before you begin construction.

Concealed Hinge CabinetWhat is a Concealed Hinge?
Concealed Hinges are hinges that are hidden from view and allow you to see only the surface of the door. They are sometimes called “European-style” hinges and offer a clean design look.

Why choose a concealed hinge?
Concealed hinges offer easier door adjustment to compensate for slight imperfections in cabinet construction. Another benefit is the ability to take a door on or off without removing the hardware.

What does Rockler carry?
Rockler carries hinges by Julius Blum, Inc.

  • Blum hinges are preferred throughout the world by cabinetmakers, kitchen manufacturers and consumers.
  • Rockler is proud to have offered Blum Hinges for nearly 20 years.
  • The Blum CLIP hinge has become the industry standard for concealed hinges.
  • All Blum hinges are backed with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Blum is ISO 9001 certified which means that you are assured of consistent quality in every Blum hinge.
How do I choose a Concealed Hinge?
Concealed hinges are designed for two types of cabinet construction.

Face Frame – Hinge mounts to outside facing frame Frameless - hinge mounts to inside cabinet wall
Face Frame Frameless

Click on the link above for the cabinet construction you prefer.

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